Stage 1 Horse Training
Keep Distance
Walking beside, not behind not in front.
Walking next to you not bothering you while walking
•Picking up Feet
Knocking and slapping bottom of feet.
•Stall Manners
Yields to Left and Right with Shoulder and Hip indicator ( nudge)
Touching of head, Body, Legs, Tails, Ect… Pass when all above is achieved with confidence..

Stage 2 Horse Training
Send out- Makes a big consistent Circle
Stop when Queued
Walk to Center when Queued
Change Directions
Keep same Gate until Queued to change
Pass when all above is achieved with confidence..

Stage 3 Horse Training
•Manner Training
Standing next to mounting block
Using Queue to move feet.
Standing without Moving
Leading with Manners
Stand for Minutes at a time
Flexing and Working off Front and Back End
Pass when all above is achieved with confidence..

Stage 4 Horse Training Part 1
•Desensitizing Part 1
Plastic bag on training stick
Around Ears.
Around Head.
Over Back.
Over Rump.
Legs and Between Legs.
Rubber Ball on Training Stick.
Starting near head and lightly tap.
Move down neck stopping and repeating at any twitch until twitch stops.
Continue through out body until tail.
Reverse until reaching near Head.

Stage 4 Horse Training Part 2
•Desensitizing Part 2
Tarp Work
Walk over Tarp on Ground.
Tarp Over Body starting to work up from Back end to Over Body. (while standing and walking)
Tarp over Body and Over Head. ( while standing and walking.
If any head shy go back to Stage 4 Part 1.
Extra Desensitizing.
Back into cart.
Tied Up.
Cranky Horse.
Tied to stall.
Load and Unload to Trailer.
Pass when all above is achieved with confidence..

Stage 5 Horse Training
•Introduction to Equipment
Introduction to Saddle Pad
Let Horse Smell Saddle Pad.
Rub Over Body.
Place on Back and Take Off.
Place on Back and Lead Around.
Introduction to Bridle.
Use Halter if needed,
Open mouth and insert bit Easy
If shy insert and remove 5 times.
From this point always work with horse with Bit and Head Set.
Pass when all above is achieved with confidence..

Stage 6 Horse Training
•Introduce Surcingle and Long Lines
Place Surcingle on with Girth. ( not too tight)
When not tied slowly and gently tighten girth.
Hook long lines and run through Surcingle.
Place on Back and Lead Around.
Working on Long Lines.
Work on steering, Right and Left.
Pass when all above is achieved with confidence..

Stage 7 Horse Training
•Introduce Saddle
Gently place Pad in Place.
Saddle Gently.
Take back off and Put back on Until no big reaction from Horse.
Tighten the girth lightly.
Bridle up.
Lunge with Saddle and Head Set. Repeat step until horse can lunge in Walk, Trot, and Canter.
Pass when all above is achieved with confidence..

Stage 8 Horse Training
•Desensitizing tacked up.
After Tacked up Tie Bags to Saddle and lunge.
Walk over Tarp.
Put Tarp over Back and let walk dragging Tarp. Do not tie Tarp to horse at any time. If Tarp falls off, stop and put back on.
Flex to Right and Left with Bridle Pressure.
Wiggle and Slap Saddle leather and Stirrups.
Add Weight to Stirrups.
Tighten Saddle to normal riding tightness.
Stand Next to mounting Block to get horse used to a person being higher than Horse. Pass when no nerves reaction is seen or felt.

Stage 9 Horse Training
•Standing for mounting.
After Tacked up Lead to Mounting Block
Using a training aid, if horse moves when walking up mounting block, move horse in a smooth easy slow walk around in small circles, around mounting block.
After 5 times walking around mounting block stop Horse and move toward horse on mounting block as you would mounting Horse, without mounting.
If horse moves repeat above steps until horse is used to the movements of mounting without moving. Pass when no nerves reaction is seen or felt.

Stage 10 Horse Training
•Putting Weight on Back of Horse.
After Tacked up Lead to Mounting Block
With another person holding the horse, step up on mounting block, although Lay over Saddle to add first weight to Horse.
At no time should you have any feet, Arms or Hands in Stirrups.
Mount and Dismount Multi times,
While laying across saddle, Patting, Neck, Sides and Butt, play with ears if reachable.
Queue to move Forward.
Walk around in direction, left, right, stop. All controlled by ground lead person Pass when no nerves reaction is seen or felt.   

 Stage 11 Trailer Training
•A Key to any horse is the ability to load in a Trailer.
Keeping the trailer floor as close the the ground as you can, Bring horse up and hold or tie to back door with doors closed to get them use to the trailer. repeat for 1/2 hour each ay for 3 days.
Now with trailer doors open Bring horses head inside of trailer, let them get use to the suroundings. Back up horse and repeat, Step up into Trailer and try to see if Horse will follow. I they do, great, take horse out and repeat over and over. If Horse is reluctant, keep bringing to door and try to keep forward movement. Once a shut down on horse forward movement. Stop Back up, do a few tight circles and repeat. At a time you get some positive reaction, stop for the day.
Repeat action above, On some horses a treat or feed bucket they will follow. As loading in a trailer is a very un-natural for a horse to do. Training with treats is not all bad. Good experence is better than forcing and making the horse shy on the trailer. Repeat and keep working until horse has no fear of trailer.